Every little thing she does is magic!

Here's the thing... when I'm in a life funk, I call in the troops: Maddie for some good old fashion cuddling (though she refuses to do it, and it becomes a game of trying to cuddle with a 45-lb worm), and my friend Kim who somehow knows the perfect balance between listening, comforting, laying the hard truth on you and keeping your wine glass full. With Kim, there aint no such thing as a glass half empty. 

When it's a creative funk, which let's be honest... most life funks ARE one way or another... I turn to Liz Gilbert. I re-read Eat, Pray, Love or if I need a bit of Liz intravenously, I watch the movie or pull up a TedX appearance on YouTube (my favorite). Liz is basically Maddie, Kimbo and the best wine buzz rolled up in one for my creative side. So imagine my excitement at the release of her new book, Big Magic, which my inbox says will be waiting for me with my doorman tomorrow afternoon... AND my even bigger excitement at the 12-episode podcast series called Magic Lessons, little road maps for the path to creativity. 

Get cozy. Grab a tea/wine/bourbon/howeveryoudo. Tuck in and just listen to the magic in this episode. Love how you do,