"Creativity is not a talent. It's a way of operating."

Every now and then I need to check back in with my guideposts, just like any creator by craft. Routine gets sloppy as one "night off" turns into a week, turns into a pattern. Ghosts of hateful Amazon reviewers past visit me in my dreams and my self doubt high fives them in welcoming. The keys on your laptop morph into a bottom row of razor-sharp teeth just waiting for your fingers to try it. 

And Game of Thrones is just so friggin good! As if 

Falling off the practice is inevitable, whether your practice is writing, painting, cooking, gardening, giving a shit or yoga. Shake it off as best you can and remind yourself that falling is not failing. Then turn to your guideposts to get your grounded back in your practice?


The resources, works or inspirations that leave a feeling of being grounded in your intention to create. When you come across one, add it to the list. Start a Pinterest board, save them in your bookmark manager, put them in the shoe box on the top shelf of your closet. Regardless, keep them. 

April and May seemed like a flurry of work, appointments, fires to be put out… writing felt like given birth to a 7-lb pine cone. 

Call the midwife… or John Cleese.