Spring... FINALLY!

I don't know about all of you, but I live in Michigan and this last winter played DIRTY! Would you ever thought a year ago that the phrase "Polar Vortex" would become everyday vernacular. I've reached my limit for Jake Gyllenhaal/Day After Tomorrow jokes... and I had no idea I had a limit to begin with. 

The weather has finally warmed up and people are out and about en masse, including Maddie and I. At least bears get to hibernate when it's too cold outside to do anything. We have to stay cooped up for months on end and remain aware of it the entire time. Now that it's warm it means more visits with family just for the heck of it, more play time for Maddie with pup friends at Canine to Five and visits from ODB – a colorful character also known as my father who ditched Polar Vortex temps a few years back for the heat of Arizona. "But it's a DRY heat," he says. 

So here's some of our Spring Highlights so far:

  • I got a new Springtime 'do with my guy, Dave T, at The Berkley Chop Shop. I had the same guy for years and then he moved. I bounced around salons and stylists trying to find "the one" and I found him. So I went in for my Spring Grooming, and Maddie will go in for hers next weekend (though not at Chop Shop). 


  • My sweet niece and goddaughter, Addison celebrated her birthday with a rollerskating party, which opened my eyes to just how old I've gotten and how quad roller skates are death machines. She also stole my sunglasses and phone to load up my photo album with selfies. A well-known character in Burden of the Soul, Book 1, is actually based on Addison. She's a trip. 


  • Then there was the day Mariah, the PM Playroom Supervisor and Handler Extraordinaire at Canine to Five Ferndale, sent Maddie home with a report card. Mariah and the whole staff at Canine to Five Ferndale and Detroit have been completely BALLER these past couple years. I've had some issues with Maddie and anxiety. There's also the bottom line truth that I had no clue what I was doing when I adopted Maddie, and they've been absolutely stellar for both her and I. 


  • My dad, ODB, popped up to Michigan during the big thaw for a visit. Before you send me any emails saying, "How could you call your father that?!??!"... those are his initials, and he insists people call him that. Even while I was in high school, friends would come over and he would introduce himself saying, "Call me ODB." My friends' eyes would go wide probably wondering if it was some sort of test. It was unclear then whether he knew what else those initials stood for, but he does now and he seems to get a giggle from it. So he and I spent an evening having dinner at one of my favorite places around town, Vinsetta Garage. The food is amazing, the service is fantastic and the design of the place is bonkers. It used to be an old auto shop and gas station back when my dad was a teen growing up in the area. My grandfather used to bring his car here to be serviced. It's a fantastic reminder – don't throw out the old, transform it instead. 

Every season is an opportunity for transformation and the creation of memories. What has the Spring weather inspired you guys to do? Share some of the memories you're making. I'd love to hear them!