I'm still alive, I swear

I know what you're thinking... "What the crap, Kate?!?!"

A valid question.

So many of you invested your time (and emotion) into reading Burden of the Soul a couple years ago. So many of you have been ambassadors for my first book out on the Web and your social profiles, and I can't ever thank you enough for that. 

But I could start by giving you the rest of the story, which I will. But first... I'll answer your first question: "What the crap, Kate?!?!?"

Sometimes life kicks you in the ass. There's no gentler way to put it. Everyone knows it to be true. But what only some may know, but everyone (I'm sorry to say) will eventually learn is that sometimes life kicks you in the ass, and when you stand up, it kicks you in the ass again. Rinse and repeat for a year, two years. In some cases, more. 

It's been a "more" case for me.

I'm not looking to turn this into a pity party or to even give any details beyond my wonderfully poetic metaphor found above. I just wanted to give you some sort of answer for your wonderfully posed question.

I say all of this to say very sincerely that I'm sorry. You gave me your time in reading the book. You gave me your time in posting reviews and telling friends. You gave me your time in the emails sent and comments made. I value every moment you have gifted to my little daydream that could. So sincerely, thank you.

It's taken time (and some pitfalls), but I see now that a lot of what I experienced was necessary so that I have a place to write from. I always knew these characters were going to be put through the wringer. I just had to go through a bit of a wringer myself to meet them where they are. 

With all of that said, I can't give you dates yet. The second I can, I will. I can say that the current Book 1 of the Burden of the Soul series will be coming down in the next few days to be relaunched in a few months with the second installment. It'll have a new look, it'll be polished and it'll be the new start to a series that won't have "Game of Thrones" or "Sherlock" length breaks in between episodes. 

It's all getting revamped for a fresh start and to leave the past in the past, which means this will be the last post on the Wordpress Blog. There are more "reveals" to come, but for now you can keep track of news and progress related to the Burden of the Soul relaunch on my Author Facebook Page (it's brand spanking new), my Tumblr, or follow me (and say HI!) on Twitter.

More to come, but until then... Thank you to all of you for sticking with me! I'll make it worth your while.